For many of us, mornings feel rushed, before we even make it to the office, to school, or wherever the day may take us. And then, in the evening, you’re too exhausted to even brush your teeth! Being pressed for time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your skincare routine—we never want you to neglect your skin. Even if you have an advanced skincare routine, you can get it all applied and get on with your life in just five minutes by following these simple steps.

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Organize Your Products

Keep all of your essential skincare products organized in a drawer or a tote, including cotton pads, and use cups for products that don’t stand up on their own. This will help you move through your routine quickly.

Relegate products you use less regularly to a separate area in the back of the drawer or tote, so you don’t have to go through them to find the ones you use in your morning and evening routines. The goal is to minimize clutter, because if you have to fish through all the products, it’ll slow you down.

Don’t Wait Between Steps

Depending on your skin type and your skincare concerns, it might take several products to address your needs. What most people don’t realize is that you don’t have to wait for each product to be absorbed before you apply the next. For example, in the morning, try Paula’s speedy approach to her skincare routine.

Use one of our gentle cleansers and then apply one of our skin-replenishing toners (don’t skip this step). Right after that, apply one of our boosters or targeted solutions (again, depending on your skin’s needs), and directly after that a serum. Then apply your eye cream.

During the day, without waiting for the other products to be fully absorbed, finish with a daytime moisturizer with SPF (all Paula’s Choice Skincare sunscreens are multitasking and provide sun protection and anti-aging, hydrating ingredients!); at night finish with your moisturizer.

Stock Your Bedside

Another option for night, which Paula likes, is to keep some of her key products on the nightstand. Paula applies her LIP & BODY Treatment Balm and her RESIST Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA just before turning off the TV and lights. A great way to finish the evening!

Now—you’re a dream away from radiant skin and soft, supple lips!

Time-Saving Multitaskers

Last, but not least, multitasking products can be your time-saving secret weapon. Here are few to consider: